Tonsil Stones Remedy

The unwanted thing in your mouth

Tonsil stone (also known as tonsillolith) is collections of various matter for example calcareous (limestone) cluster. They form inside your mouth and can be up to few millimeters big and are recognized inside the mouth by its white color. Tonsil stones are usually not harmful but can sometimes be irritating and smelly due to some substances in it, that’s why they are on of the possible reasons for halitosis better known as bad breath. Interesting thing in connection with bad breath is that 75% of people with bad breath have tonsil stones and only 6% of people with normal breath have them ( To put this in simple words: “Tonsil stones are a constant source of bad breath” !

Tonsil stones are unsightly and painful and cause bad breath to individuals suffering from this condition. They are caused by bacteria, small pieces of food, white blood cells and keratin, which form tonsil stones in throat.

It is necessary to treat this problem because this could be very annoying, most especially when it becomes too painful and severe. There are natural home remedies to apply at home, but there are also invasive treatments. Usually, the treatment would depend on the severity of the condition. When the problem is not that serious, it is recommended to apply some home remedies because these treatments are very practical and safe for removing tonsil stones.

Self or surgical treatment

Surgically a tonsil stone is removed with currette a surgical tool with which a doctor scrubs down a tonsil stone, another surgical treatment is cryptolysis in which the surface of tonsil stones is evaporized and removed, the techniques prevents unwanted material to collect. The most drastic method is called tonsillectomy which is one of the most common procedures in children.

If you want to remove tonsil stones by yourself you can start by trying to get rid of it with your toothbrush, some people even use their fingers and try to squeeze them out. Some people also like to use tooth picks which is not recommended, because it can lead to bleeding.

One of the better ways to get rid of tonsil stones and prevent them in the future is with this online How to Naturally Get Rid of Tonsil Stones Forever book. It offers you natural home remedy that will help you say goodbye to tonsil stones.