Cures for Tonsil Stones at Home that is Very Effective

Tonsil stones are becoming quite common in young adults and it has been revealed by a study that all but the percent people suffer from this disease. It is not easy to detect a true of the disease but it is said that there are several reasons due to which tonsilloliths may develop and the reasons are like accumulation of dead white blood cells or presence of oral bacteria inside the throat. Enzyme action and over activity of slavery glands are also among those reasons that may cause the disease and people who get allergic from dairy products are also a possible victim of tonsilloliths. It is accumulation of calcium or other minerals inside throat and its weight may vary from 300mg to 42 grams.

It is not easy to detect the stones inside the throat but halitosis or bad breath is a common symptom of this disease. In most of the cases, they remain but sometimes, the patient suffers from large tonsil stones that may cause fever or weakness in body. The patients feel difficulty in swallowing food and sore throat is another symptoms of the disease. But the question arises how can we cure for tonsilloliths?

We should try natural remedies and preventions first to treat tonsilloliths and we should remove dairy products from the diet of such patients. Dairy products develop mucous and calcium inside the throat and these elements produce those annoying stones inside the throat. The patients should avoid eating before sleeping because eating in late hours leaves the pieces of food inside our mouth that may become a reason o this disease. Patients should brush their teeth with tooth brush daily because it helps to save us from developing different cavities inside the mouth. Such patients should also use tongue scrappers after doing tooth brush. Patients should gargle with salt water for all but three minutes because it would help in soothing the throats of the patients and provide the cures.

The problem of tonsil stones can be prevented by saline nasal spray. Besides, there are other ways to cure for these stones. The most effective home remedy is the use of fenugreek seed. Its seeds should be boiled for half an hour. Such drink should be drunk in a day. Banafsha flowers and fresh juices are also the good methods to cure the problem of the stones in tonsils.? There are other ways to cure this problem. The one such way is the use of oral irrigators. The use of electric oral irrigator is not a good option because it may damage tonsils that can be very painful for the patients. At times, the use of this method can aggravate the conditions of patients. Use of tap oral irrigators is a good option for the cure of the patients of tongue stones. Water is pumped inside the throat to attack the stones and it is a method to cure the patient in a cheap and safe way.