Choosing the Best Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

You can always take your time to learn to choose the best treatment for BV.

Women who had Bacterial Vaginosis and who reported it were not sure that they had contracted this type of Vaginitis, since 1 out of 4 women have no symptoms or signs when they suffer from the condition and sometimes this type of disease will disappear on its own.? If in case the patient is not cured from the condition on her own, then there are several treatment options available.

Natural cures for Bacterial Vaginosis can save you trips to the doctor, plus a lot of time and money which can be spent in a lot better places. There are many natural remedies for the condition which should be considered, such as Tracheal, Tea Tree oil, Goldenseal and Colloidal Silver. Some of these treatments for getting rid of the symptoms come in liquid form and can be taken as a drink right before bedtime or as 1-2 capsules which should be taken orally once a day.

As discussed earlier antibiotics can be taken as well as other products such as specific vaginal creams and gels.? Several tests can be done in order to find out if indeed you have contracted BV and these are such tests as:? the wet mount, gram stain, vaginal pH levels, the Whiff test and a probe test which tests the oligonucleotides in your system.

With a majority of these tests a doctor will first take a vaginal discharge sample in order to confirm whether or not the patient is suffering from . It is only then that the doctor will prescribe either an oral antibiotic or a vaginal cream or gel which should be applied to the local area so as to get rid of the uncomfortable symptoms which are part of this condition.

If you are suffering from this condition again and it had previously been diagnosed by a doctor, you will probably want to try natural treatment options this time instead of taking antibiotics.? Sometimes a yeast infection or Trichomoniasis is confused with BV, which is why you need to first be diagnosed properly by an experienced physician, prior to taking any type of medication, especially if it is an antibiotic.? Natural cures should also be consulted on prior to the patient taking the medication.