Bulging Disc Treatment – Is it Possible?

Hi there,

Is bulging disc treatment possible?  I’m sure you’re sick and tired of people – especially doctors – telling you that many people don’t suffer pain from bulging discs and that there is no explanation as to why you’re suffering pain.

Worse yet, you may be trying all kinds of treatment, but nothing is working.  I know that this can happen because I work daily with people suffering from bulging disc pain.

Let me tell you about a fictional story of Matt and his back pain – to illustrate the devastating effects of back pain and what you can do about it.  If you want to jump right into what Matt does next in this story – click here to discover a bulging disc pain treatment.

About Matt

Matt is 46 years old.  He’s been a mechanic since turning 18.  Yes, the job is somewhat physical, but Matt has always been one to stay in shape playing basketball at a local fitness center and going to the gym.  He also walks his two husky dogs pretty much every day.

Anyway, one day about a year ago, Matt was working on an older Volvo car under the hood.  Matt stands 6′ 2″ so he was hunched over somewhat.  At his height, he spends  a fair amount of time hunched over when working on cars and truck.  He reached to the far right corner to open a twisting cap.  The cap was stuck.  He applied pressure and then felt acute pain in his lower back.  The pain was extremely sharp – so sharp he jolted back from under the hood and smacked his head on the underside of the hood.

Up to this point Matt had the occasional dull lower back ache, but nothing so acute as this incident.  He took the day off and iced his back at home on the couch.

He woke up the next day with pain – what he would learn was pain from a bulging disc.  Boy, was he not pleased.  It was a strain just to get out of bed.  He didn’t make it to work.  He called his doctor.

Matt’s Bulging Disc Treatment History

After doctor’s visits, x-rays, and even and MRI, he was diagnosed with a bulging disc.  For the following six months Matt did chiropractic treatments, heat packs, and massage therapy.  That’s not to mention the copious amounts of pain medication and NSAIDS (anit-inflammatory medication) he ingested.  He had good days, but many bad days.  He was able to return to work part time – but could only do some parts of his job.  He hated his restrictions.  He hated the almost always present pain more.

It being a year now since his bulging disc pain symptom onset, he’s getting desperate for some form of permanent bulging disc treatment.  His life as he knew has completely changed.  His marriage with Maria is strained terribly.  He quit playing basketball with his buddies.  He can’t walk Jackson and Blade – his and Maria’s two husky dogs.  He doesn’t go camping and he’s lost 30 pounds of muscle (like I said, Matt liked going to the gym).

Matt decided that after spending thousands of dollars in co-pay to various treatment providers and medication that he would start researching bulging disc treatment on his own.  He isn’t big on reading and doesn’t use the Internet much – but decided to take a look what he could learn.  As you well know, there is no shortage of bulging disc treatment and information on the Web.  Matt started reading like crazy.

The Research that Bothered Matt

You know what bothered him terribly?  When he read what appeared to be authoritative articles that prescribed rest to treat bulging disc pain.  Do you know how much Matt has rested for the past year?  Plenty, and he’s still in pain.  He wants a solution.

One day in his searching he stumbled upon a free book called the 7 Day Back Pain Cure that claimed to give information about curing a variety of back pain conditions including bulging disc pain.  He filled in the short form and ordered his free copy.  He was able to get it in print and a digital version immediately.  He started reading it and learned that his approach to bulging disc treatment was not going to ever permanently cure his bulging disc pain.

He learned that the cause of his bulging disc is simply a muscle imbalance – likely a result of his work where he’s put into awkward positions for long periods of time – such as being hunched over.  What happens is some his back and core muscles become stronger in relation to other muscles in his back and core.  The stronger muscles, being over-developed cause his spine’s curve to slightly change.  The altered curvature results in pressure to vertebrae that in turn, over time, caused a disc to bulge.  That bulging disc causes pain by irritating a nerve.

What Matt is Doing Now?

Well, that made sense to Matt.  He particularly liked the fact that the bulging disc treatment option for this is simply getting his muscles balanced so that ultimately his spine’s curve corrects.  Matt understood this approach to bulging disc treatment.  He decided to follow the steps in the 7 Day Back Pain Cure.