Spray Tanning Salons

In the world of artificial tanning, spray tanning is the brightest candidate in modern world. If anyone wants a natural tan like look without going to a costly vacation on a sea side, it is the most effective way to tan your skin that will look almost similar like tan by sunscreen.

Tanning is one of reasons of choosing a sea beach as a weekend vacation and from old ages the sun light makes the fairer skin brown or pink, according to its level of fairness but the decreasing capacity of the Ozone layer making the skin exposed to excess amount of ultraviolet rays that is leaving harmful effect on the screen, the reason behind the artificial tanning being popular now a days.

Spray tanning is considered as a modern day practice that is available in high end spas and parlors only as normal ones don’t possess the necessary equipments for the tan. Mystic Tan and Fantasy Tan are the names of two leading tan brands in the USA who specialize in the tanning.

It can be done by water based mist or oil based mist that is sprayed on the skin to react chemically and change the color of the skin. People with skin allergies or any kind of skin disease should stick to the water based spray system as the possibility of getting harmed through it lessens by that.

A chemical called Di-Hydroxyl-Acetone (DHA) is sprayed over the skin that reacts chemically on the upper layer of the skin and makes it in golden brown just like natural tanning. As the chemical works on the upper layer of the skin only exfoliating before the tan helps in keeping the upper layer for a long time.
After tanning, bathing should be done only after 5 to 6 hours or any physical work that can bring sweats should be avoided as the tan tends to come out with water if used just after the tanning. Using water based moisturizer regularly after the tan also helps in preserving the upper layer of the skin thusly preserving the tan intact.

Spray Tans are not permanent and lasts for 5 to 10 days depending upon the material and degree of tan, so choosing a tanning session for the whole month or more is useful for getting a discount from the Spray Tan Salons as well as keeping the tan color intact and natural for the whole time.

The advantage of the salons over the others is that the tan looks way better than any other artificial tans like tan beds, and it makes a smooth & even tan all over the skins of body so looks just like burnt from the sunlight.

The whole process in the Spray tan salon takes only a couple of minutes, and the charge is within reach too, it takes only $25 per session or less depending upon the tanning base material and degree of tanning required according to the requirement of the customer.