Guardian Dental Insurance Guide

Guardian dental insurance company is first of all life insurance company.However it has rather significant and professional dentist network with a great number of dental offices. Guardian dental insurance is attractive for both dentists who want to be part of professional guardian dentist network and for employers who search for beneficial dental insurance plan for their stuff. In case you purchase Guardian dental insurance plan for your company, you’ll make sure that this is not only professional treatment and dental care but also low cost dental insurance premiums. It’s obvious that healthy employees are a kind of guarantee of fewer company’s out-of-pocket expenses and more productive working process.

Guardian dental insurance offers employers such dental insurance plans as HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plan, PPO dental insurance (Preferred Provider Organization) plan and various pre-paid plans. However while choosing any of these plans, make sure that this dental care is offered in your area. No matter whether your employees aim at individual dental insurance plans or family dental insurance plans, if you purchase Guardian dental insurance for your company, your employees will be provided with highly professional dental care and your company’s budget will be insured against unexpected expenses.
HMO and PPO dental insurance plans are rather similar and at the same time rather different. The majority of consumers prefer PPO plans as far as when you purchase this plan, you have right to choose either in- or out-of-network dentist and HMO plan doesn’t presuppose such possibility, you can choose dentist only of a list of those who are provided by particular network. Those professionals who rank among PPO dentist network agree for low costs because due to this network they have more patients and according to HMO dental plan dentists are paid fees which are fixed, that’s why their services are more expensive. People usually prefer PPO plans first of all because of these differences.

Speaking about Guardian dental insurance it’s also necessary to say that this company also offer such option as Maximum Rollover Account. The idea is that in case you have a certain amount of unused annual maximum, you can put it into MRA and use it in future year. Due to the fact that Guardian is first of all life insurance company, you can purchase both health and dental insurance plan with this particular company and get considerable discount.