About sapiosexual

First off sapiosexual is a new word for me in the recent days, and I search it for many times and have been learning more information about this romantic attractions. From these things about semisexual and romantic attractions, I found it more interesting for me since there are more about things that I identify with. Several days ago, I have not understood these terms such as sapiossexuality and sapioromanticism and also sapiosexual, but there is a bit strange for me after I learn them.

For me, a girl who is attracted to guys by romantic, but intelligent people only. I think it’s sapioromanticism. Now here is an question, is it an orientation that most people don’t think so? So I discovered its existence and found it can consider as an orientation. So I do think this attraction sapiosexual is an orientation. At least for me, I think it’s not the opinion to think intelligence is the most attractive of a person. If you can attracted to someone, you should be intelligent, if not, they can’t. That’s simple.