Whole Grain Matters – Whole Wheat

In recent years dieticians, doctors, and the media have been advocating a diet rich in whole wheat as a healthy alternative to white flour products. Due in large to the awareness of colon cancers and other colon related ailments, anytime a person has the choice of whole wheat pasta or any other bread product it should be the first choice. About 30 years ago when a product was labeled whole wheat meant that taste was sacrificed and a person would feel like they were eating twigs due to the texture. Today there are many options that are much more palatable then the earlier products.

There are also four main types of wheats which are grown for the use of breads, pastas and cereals. One of the most common is durum, whole wheat durum, which is commonly used for pastas due to this grain being high in gluten. Whole wheat is most commonly used in cereals, breads, and pastas to name a few. The last one is buckwheat, which may contribute to blood sugar control. It can also be an alternative to rice and or porridge.

Whole wheat pastas can be found in the pasta section of any grocery store. There is generally a whole wheat option for every white flour option of pasta. The whole wheat pastas are also found the whole food section of any grocery store, or any health food store.

If you’re really energetic you could make your own pasta. The main benefit in this is that you know exactly what has gone into it so there is not is no worry or wondering what exactly went into your pasta.

Not all people have the time to make there own pasta so to buy pasta you may need to try several brands until you find one that your family enjoys. Whole grain pastas will get lighter in color as they cook, and be more filling and easier on the digestive tract then white pastas.

Any pasta that is whole grain of any kind will have a more flavor then regular white flour pasta’s. It may take a few times to develop a taste for it and get past the visual difference there’s a whole world of healthy possibilities that will open up.

The health benefits from eating whole grains will help keep your digestive tract on track, supply your body with vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly, help trim weight off a diet, and help your body function properly. The benefits of eating whole grains can far outweigh the benefits of not eating what will benefit your body the most.