Resort clothes for kids

March Break is coming and some of us may be concerned about ticking “buy resort clothes” off their pre-vacation to-do list. I’m not and here’s why.I don’t actually “switch out” my child’s clothing seasonally. I add things like long sleeve tees and warm cotton-lycra tights which she sometimes wears. On occasion you may see The Little Nutball in a winter coat or snow pants. (Or, just as often, you may be shocked to see us walking through a parking lot in the middle of winter with her coat-less in her short sleeves, and me bundled up in my coat, holding her coat and hat in my hand. Probably you’d be deeming me a terribly selfish mom, and that’s why I’ll be loudly repeating my don’t-call-Children’s-Aid mantra on an endless loop (which she will be ignoring): “Are you sure you don’t want to put on your coat? Mommy has it right here!”).

In any case, what I realized, as mom to a very opinionated little girl is, winter clothes often suck.

They’re often too heavy and itchy (just like when we were growing up–some things don’t change!) and the seams are especially itchy or pokey in the armpit, wrist and waist. And the colors aren’t as fun as summer clothes. Plus the dresses often have a terrible, good-little-girl prim-n-properness about them, while summer dresses and skirts are just bright and cheerful, and conducive to active play, chasing cats around the house, carjacking, killing and burying your parents in, etc etc.

So the solution we came up with is: Summer clothes are year-round clothes. We just layer (except on days when she refuses to). As a result, our March Break trip (the first one ever for her – as well as for my partner or for me, who grew up in families that couldn’t afford vacations) prep does not include shopping for warm weather gear.