Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Fat

Since it can be quite unsightly, many people wish to uncover exercises to get rid of back fat. Fat in this part of the body may be a sign of a poor lifestyle. It can be difficult to erase fat on the back, but a few exercises may be helpful.

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Building Core Muscles

The best way to slim down is to strengthen core muscles. When the core is strong, there is less stress on the back, hips become thinner, and the stomach becomes flatter. The best way to strengthen the core is to do front squats, weighted sit ups, power extensions, or exercises on a stability ball.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Some good forms of cardio exercise include running, biking, swimming, or walking. A solid cardio performance will help a person lose weight, especially when it is combined with resistance training. This will build the most muscle and burn the most calories.

Combination training is highly recommended. This is when a person alternates between weight training and cardio exercise. When balanced correctly, this routine will let the body recover and exercise more often. The more exercise that gets done, the faster back fat will be gone.

Example Of A Home Workout

When a person does not have access to a professional gym, it is possible to perform exercises at home that will help burn fat in the back area. For example, a person can do 15 reps of press ups, 10 reps of lunges, 20 reps of sit ups, 10 reps of squats, and an abdominal plank.

Example Of A Gym Workout

  • Hanging abdominal leg raises

These are a great gym exercise that targets back fat. To perform this exercise, a person hangs from a pull up bar and starts to raise both legs. This is done by taking the knees up to the chest. When the knees are at an equal level with the waist, the action can stop. The entire exercise should be done slowly and carefully. The body is lowered to the starting position and repeated for as long as possible.

There are other exercise opportunities that a person can complete in a gym to eliminate back fat. As previously mentioned, cardio is key, and combined with a Healthy Eating plan you will start to see and feel a difference .

  • Punching Bag

The use of the punching bag (if available) at the gym for 30 minutes, two or three times a week will dramatically increase your stamina and fitness levels while burning calories.

It is also wise to begin lifting weights. A person can perform”bent over fly” with dumb bells. A weight is held in each hand while the body is bent at the hips, arms are raised to the shoulders and lowered. Eight reps are recommended. See below.

  • Bent Over Flys

It is also possible to perform lat pulldowns as seen below. A person grabs the cable bar while the thighs are positioned under the support. The legs are straightened with knuckles face up. As the person stretches up, the bar should be within reach. The bar is pulled down to the chair, while the back is straight. Shoulder blades should come together, and the bar is slowly released.

  • Lat Pulldowns

These exercises are recommended to target back fat. It is important to follow the tips carefully and begin a routine that feels comfortable. In the end, a person will be looking and feeling great.

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